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Sawmill, where we produce our Polskie Dęby boards, was established in 1956, so it has a rich history and experience. Our company specializes in producing wooden floors, plywood, timber and framing. Our team of dedicated employees, with many years of experience in the flooring industry, consists of carpenters, installers, varnishers, welders and toolmaker specialists. As a small company, who runs a local business, we try to be flexible to be able to provide each of our clients an individual approach in cooperation.
We make sure to use only the highest quality local materials, that’s why Polskie Dęby floors are manufactured in Koźminiec Wielkopolski. Over time we significantly expanded our product line, to meet the constantly changing needs of the market. Nevertheless our dedication to quality and highest level of customer service remained unchanging. 
Our machine park is equipped in the newest technology production lines where we manufacture plywood, timber and framings. As a self-sufficient company we control every step of our production process – starting from supplies and construction, to grinding  and pre-finishing. Whether it’s few hundred square meters of a pre-fabricated floor for a public facility use or few square meters in a private apartment, our dedication is always the same. 
In our offer you can find raw, varnished and oilwaxed layered oak boards.
Oak boards produced by our company are appreciated, not only in Poland. They are also very popular among our clients in Europe.
Development and highest quality materials being our priorities, we want to become the leading producer of wooden floors in Poland and in the nearest future expand our production on whole Europe. We also want to continue expanding our offer to fully satisfy the needs and demands of our clients, and become the leader in the flooring market in Poland.