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Why Polskie Dęby


Before the production starts we make sure our oak wood is strictly selected. Years of experience in the flooring industry taught us how to recognize the strongest and healthiest trees. The structure of wood changes depending on the time of the year, temperature and humidity. That’s why – with tree felling – you have to wait for the perfect moment, so the wood doesn’t loose its qualities after being cut. This guarantees durability, strength and highest quality wood.



We treat each order individually and we pay great attention that our products are of the highest quality. That’s why all works are carried out in our sawmill. We hand-craft our plywood which is later used as the underlay for layered floorboards. This way we make sure our floors will not split and will preserve high durability for many years. Starting from oak timber to end up with a beautiful oak floor-the whole production process is carried out in our sawmill. Thanks to this, we make sure that our products, crafted by experts, are of the highest quality. Thanks to our independency we are able to guarantee our clients short delivery times, highest execution quality and individual approach. 



The end result of our work is a beautiful and long lasting oak floorboards, that make up warm and natural floors. It’s the oak floors that bring a unique character to our interiors, make them cozy and make us feel comfortable and safe. A well made floor is the best decoration of every home.



Polskie Dęby floors are one of the largest size floorboards available on the market. We offer floorboards of 14cm to 18cm wide and 100cm to 210cm long. Additionally, deep chamfering highlights the size of the board which gives us a spectacular effect, that is visible especially on big surfaces.