Layered Board

Product range of Polskie Dęby is mainly layered floorboards made of veneer pressed to the plywood, which creates the base of the floor. This kind of construction allows the wood to breathe, adjust and expand without the risk of damaging.
We make use of the following standards so that our floorboards are of the highest quality, easy to maintain and at the same time long lasting and durable.

Wood has a tendency to expand or shrink, along with changes in humidity and ambient temperature. A layered construction minimizes this expansion and shrinkage and also prevents problems such as cracking, gaps or curling. Higher stability means that layered floorboards are perfect for difficult installations such as those in basements, those by the water or spaces with underfloor heating. 

Thanks to a bigger stability, layered floors can be safely made and installed in sizes significantly exceeding solid floors, even those made from the same wood species. Please check our portfolio to see our installations. 

Layered floors are more eco-friendly because they are constructed from plywood with a solid wood layer on top of it. This is by definition a faster renewable material than a standard solid wood board of the same thickness. Thanks to this type of construction we are able to make twice as many floors from the same amount of timber.

Both technical and massive floors require grinding for maintenance and renovation, both constructions can be grinded only to the tongue and groove joint, after that you have to change the floor. That’s why a layered board with wooden veneer that goes beyond tongue and groove has exactly the same durability as a solid wood floor.

We’d like to invite you to see our portfolio, where you can find our designs.