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Forest Stewardship Council

FSC is an independent, non-governmental, non-profit organization established to promote responsible forest management all over the world. It was established as a response to global deforestation and problems related to it. FSC certifications on forest management is given to those, who adopt environment-friendly, socially beneficial and economically effective practices while managing forests.

FSC certification ensures a reliable link between a responsible production and consumption of forest products. At the same time, it allows consumers and companies to decide on the purchase that will bring benefits to both people and to the environment, while also ensuring continuous business value. FSC Chains of Custody (CoC) monitors the certified and controlled material during the production process from the forest to the consumer, throughout all stages of processing, transformation, production and distribution. 

FSC Chain of Custody certification is given to companies that are able to document materials – certified by FSC – in the production process, from the forest to the consumer, throughout the different order stages, processing, production, distribution and sale certified goods. 

In Polskie Dęby we have taken a perspective approach to understanding the influence sustainability has on business. Compliance with FSC standards was our main goal, especially after introducing new EU regulations concerning wood. Now thanks to our certified floors clients from all over Europe can be sure, that materials used to produce our floors come from strictly monitored sources.