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Maintenance and cleaning

One of the many advantages of Polskie Dęby floors is for example convenience in the cleaning process.For an overall maintenance you should place doormats in front of all the entry doors, to minimize bringing in sand and dirt indoors. Use felt pads under the furniture and free-standing devise. Place furniture and other heavy objects very carefully. 


In accordance with the maintenance of Polskie Dęby varnish - to keep the floors fresh, clean and vital we suggest to:

  • Use vacuum cleaner or broom everyday to clean the surface from dust or sand, to keep the original shine.
  • For everyday cleaning of blemishes and flaws use eco-friendly cleaning product LOBACARE.
  • Spray a small amount on the surface of the floor you want to clean, rinse with water and dry with microfiber mop.
  • Clean everyday to avoid dust accumulation.
  • LOBACARE Cleaner prevents static and slipping effects.
  • For persistent stains or deeper cleaning use LOBACARE CareRemover.

(Recommended 2-3 times a year)

Mix one capful of LOBACARE with 2 liters of warm water, soak the cloth or a microfiber mop and sweep evenly throughout the floor.
After 2 minutes wipe clean and dry.
For general use in maintenance with LOBACARE V6 Finish wear resistant or LOBACARE.
ParkettCare for UV varnished floors.
You should NEVER wet clean dusty or dirty floors.

natural oil

It’s important to follow the recommendations of Polskie Dęby, to keep oiled floors beautiful even years after their installation.

According to the instruction of oil maintenance (for wax, oil and unfinished finishes):


  • To avoid scratches and other wear factors, you should place doormats in front of every entrance. It will also minimize bringing in the dirt, sand and gravel.
  • Use felt pads under the furniture and free-standing devices. Place furniture and other objects very carefully.

Our oiled floors are thankfully easy to clean and will become more wear resistant over time, if properly maintained.

To keep the floors fresh, clean and vital we recommend:

  • Vacuum or sweep everyday, to keep the surface of the floor clean from sand and dust.
  • For everyday cleaning use eco-friendly product OSMO Wash&Care (biodegradable cleaning product, safe on wooden surfaces).
  • Waterproof, nearly odorless and free from benzene.


  • Always use two buckets: one for the mixture, and second one with clean water.
  • Dip the cloth or mop in the second bucket and clean the floor until it’s dry.
  • Water in the second bucket should be changed regularly to avoid spreading the cleaned dirt back on the floor.
  • Don’t sweep the floor with clean water because this can remove the protective oils.
  • With every other use of the soap, the floor will become less susceptible to dirt.

For everyday fixing use OSMO Liquid Wax Cleaner (recommended 3 times a year) to keep the most often used communication lanes fresh and to fix slight scratches:

  • For wet cleaning the floor with a mop use OSMO Wash&Care. It’s easy to use and suitable for all wooden floors.
  • For cleaning with microfiber use OSMO Liquid Wax Cleaner on all oil/oilwax floors.

Thanks to the right maintenance you floors becomes more wear-resistant and easier to be cleaned.