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Wielkopolska Collection

Wielkopolska Collection consists of oilwaxed boards that combine the advantages of oiled and varnished floors.


Wax stays on the surface of the wood giving it a natural protection from water and mechanical factors. Oil nourishes the floor and brings out the exceptional depth of the color which results in the effect of freshly cut tree. This type of finish is environment friendly and long-lasting at the same time.


Dąb Jasny

Scandinavian style enthusiasts will definitely take a look at Dąb Jasny boards. What really draws our attention is
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Dąb Wapienny

Dąb Wapienny board is an interesting choice of a beautiful color with a delicate, almost untraceable pink shade.
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Dąb Srebrzysty

Polskie Dęby are highest quality boards that will last for many years and at the same time offer us a wide color
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Dąb Staropolski

Light, wooden floor is always a good choice when you want to optically enlarge your house and make it look more
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Dąb Naturalny

Polskie Dęby are high quality oak floors made from wood obtained entirely from polish forests. They not only have a
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Dąb Klasyczny

Warm, oak floor of a delicate caramel shade. Definitely fits better with more traditional, cozy arrangements than
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Dąb Złocisty

Classic oak floorboard of a natural wooden color and a delicate structure is definitely a must have if you want to
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Dąb Szlachecki

Dąb Szlachecki floorboard is a perfect choice for everyone who want to optically enlarge and illuminate their
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Dąb Królewski

Dąb Królewski is a floorboard of a high intensity brown shade with a visible cold tone and is a perfect
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Dąb Książęcy

Pleasant, light brown floor that resembles a color of a burnt sugar. Some people also compare it to sweet toffee
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Dąb Pałacowy

Dąb Pałacowy is a board that stands out thanks to its warm – you can even say slightly caramel shade.
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Dąb Retro

Dąb Retro is an oak floor of an exceptional durability and timeless beauty. Thanks to its varied coloring –
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