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GEV-association registered in Germany, widely recognized in Europe, specialized in controlling the emission of volatile organic compounds in products used in building industry. While deciding on proper flooring materials, environmental and consumer protection plays a very important role. EMICODE label offers designers, consumers and distributors reliable references to rate and to choose the right product. EMICODE classifies low-emission flooring materials using reference points regarding environmental and internal hygiene. Products with EMICODE label must meet strict requirements and be kept constantly under control.

If you want to be sure, that the product you’re using is reliable, look for the EMICODE label. It means, that products are solvent-free and are the right choice for modern floor installation in terms of air quality. EMICODE certification label was established in 1997 by Association for Controlling the Emission in Products Used for Floor Installation, Adhesives and Building Materials e.V. (GEV), leading companies in German rail industry. 

The EMICODE® label classifies floor materials into three categories depending on emissions:



EMICODE EC 2: "low emmision"


EMICODE EC 1: "very low emission"


EMICODE EC 1 plus: "very low emission"


Because the term “low-emission” is not clearly defined, only the EMICODE can provide a solid basis for rating and choosing right flooring materials, because its’ categories are specified by strict boundaries. Flooring materials labeled as “very low-carbon” can guarantee safety in terms of indoor air pollution. This term covers all Polskie Dęby products. It’s a proof that a healthy house and a healthy employee is a determining factor when it comes to development and optimization of Polskie Dęby floors.