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Floor Heating System

Considering an installation of a wooden floor on underfloor heating (FHS) we understand the value and demands of this kind of product.
We carefully create and work on our wooden floors, which can be installed according to two main heating techniques

  • Electric cable mats​

Constant heating
Installed on a foam made of plastic and insulation screed
Spreads the heat evenly on the whole surface

  • Water pipes

Longer life expectancy
Pipe system (mainly copper) with running warm water, in cement or swimming screed
Thermal and phonic insulation boards
More affordable solution to carry on, allows reversible temperature control
Our wood is installed using natural oils or varnishes that allow breathing through the floorboards and that easily adjust to heating systems. Multilayered construction of Polskie Dęby floors minimizes shrinking and expanding, while also ensuring longer durability.

It doesn’t matter if the heating system needs a renovation or it’s brand new, before installing our floors you should take into consideration few things:

  • All plasters should be finished 14 days before installing wooden floors
  • Humidity of the plasters should be below 2%
  • Slowly increase FHS - 2C/35,6F everyday – until you reach the right temperature, in the secure temperature limits
  • Start the heating system in full temperature mode before installation
  • Test the control devices and then switch them off for 48 hours
  • Solid wood floors should be installed 72 hours after the heating system has been working in full force
  • Do not leave the plates in a damp, cold place and later on move them to a hot, damp place
  • Avoid exposure to humidity, maximum floor temperature should be around 27C/79F

WARNING: Make sure that FHS has elements controlling the work of the boiler and the pump, to avoid exceeding the safety limits for wooden floors (27C/79F).

Some of the advantages of FHS::

  • Saves energy
  • Eco-friendly
  • Low costs
  • Higher level of thermal comfort
  • Better space utilization