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Distressed Collection

Distressed Collection oak floors finished off with oil and undergoing the process of brushing.

Such method underlines the structure of wood and highlights the wood grain structure. The Distressed Collection is made entirely in only one sorting class, which is a mix of Country and Antique, where we can find big knots, whites, shine and biggest color palette of oak wood.


Dąb Śnieżny

Oak floorboard of a unique, almost snow white color. A great choice for all Scandinavian style and chic enthusiasts.
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Dąb Bielony

Dąb Bielony is a floor made for people who value unusual solutions and who like to stand out in the crowd. Light
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Dąb Siny

Slightly dimmed shade of brown is the main characteristic of Dąb Siny floor. Thanks to irregular coloring, with
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Dąb Szary

Dark, oak floor of a deep shade. Visible wood grain structure and knots give the floor a more decisive character.
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Dąb Palony

Dąb Palony board is a very modern and elegant floor of a deep, brown color. Thanks to brushing and using only
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Dąb Brunatny

Oak floor of a delicate, dark shade. Perfectly accentuatesthe elegance and originality of our interiors, gives them
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Dąb Bursztynowy

Dąb Bursztynowy is without a doubt known for its unique, natural beauty. With its warm, amber color it reminds us
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Dąb Cynamonowy

Visible knots and highlighted wood grain structure are the main elements of Dąb Cynamonowy board. Unique, kind of
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Dąb Pospolity

Dąb Pospolity is an oak board of a very elegant, warm shade and original wood grain structure. It reminds us of
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Dąb Miodowy

Light, oak floor of a universal brown shade, which will basically look good in every interior. Warm and versatile
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Dąb Polny

Delicate, strawy shade of an oak board is the main characteristic of Dąb Polny. Dąb Polny boards are very durable
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Dąb Leśny

Dąb Leśny boards, made from noble, polish oak wood are not only beautiful but are also very resistant to all sorts
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