Our Assortment

In our assortment you will find multilayer boards made of high quality Oak wood and plywood.

For the boards we use only natural oils and waxes from reputable manufacturers, certified with low or no emissions of harmful substances, permitted for use with children's toys. So prepared boards guarantee the highest naturalness which directly improves mood of it's users. We offer a wide range of colors, in our collection you will find 40 unique patterns of floors Polskie Dęby. As a result of the unique selection and treatment of wood, our floors are durable and resistant. With proper care, the oak floor covered with oil-wax will serve for years.


Dąb Kaszubski

Traditional light floor of a caramel shade and slightly visible wood grain structure. It harmoniously works with
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Dąb Górski

Unique wood grain structure and a noble color are one of the main characteristics of Dąb Górski boards. They
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Dąb Promienisty

The highest quality oak floor board, whose light brown color subtly illuminates and warms the interior. An
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Dąb Wiosenny

It’s a modern, oak floor in a warm, beige color. Combined with simple, bold furniture gives our interiors a
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Dąb Karmelowy

Warm, brown color of Dąb Karmelowy boards is a timeless classic, that will be never out dated. This cozy floor
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Dąb Ceglany

Dąb Ceglany is an interesting suggestion for everyone who most of all value warm, homely atmosphere. Dąb Ceglany
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Dąb Popielaty

Unique oak boards that have an unusual, ashen shade of grey. Together with visible knots and beautifully accentuated
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Dąb Wędzony

Elegant, dark oak board dyed black thanks to the method of smoking. Visibly accentuated wood grain structure and a
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